“Having a career of two passions combining acting and my athletics background would be a dream come true in action movies acting.” I was born in Ljubljana in Slovenia. Until the age of five I grew up in Piran at the sea and close to Ljubljana at the countryside at my grandmother’s place.

Hometown of Austrian, American Actor Emil Galle MoonePiran

Afterwards, my parents moved with my brother and me to Vienna, Austria. Here I finished high school and studied physical education. I really do like sports and it keeps me in shape. Loving the freedom and of its nature led me to climbing the summits of Matterhorn, Jungfrau, Mönch (all in Switzerland), Mont Blanc (France), Mount Whitney (USA) and many other mountains.

During a mountain bike tour from Lhasa(Tibet) to Kathmandu(Nepal) my friends and I stopped at Mount Evererst BC.

Mount Everest Base Camp

At 19 years of age I taught gymnastics in Vienna’s community colleges, self defense courses and yoga. In Vienna’s Stadthallen indoor swimming pool I taught kids to swim. Further, I’ve worked as a tour guide on the Maldives (Islands in the Indian Ocean) and was responsible for the sports program in different Austrian louxory hotels. Also I took care of teenagers in Austrian summer camps for the city of Vienna.

Acting was always my secret love. That’s why I enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Acting School in Los Angeles. After finishing the acting school I did my practical training in Los Angeles. So I got the opportunity to gain acting experience in different series and several movies. Finally, I became a SAG member. After three years I had to return to Vienna because of family matters. By the way, I became a father of a wonderful daughter at the age of 23.

In Vienna I started for the first time in my life to work in a big office. At first it was a little bit daunting to be shut in all day, but later on I developed a knack for what I was doing which resulted in better and better positions.

Of course I couldn’t let go of acting. Besides my day job, I’ve been attending acting lessons at an acting school and going the extra mile with private acting lessons as well. Meanwhile, I’m completely driven by the craft, which was a great personal transformation for me. I’ve shot a couple of short movies and a long one. To shoot movies is really such a big fun for me and I’m enjoying it. I’m trying to develop myself in direction film acting because stage acting isn’t mine. I prefer to act in action and outdoor movies and all movies they fit to my image. So I could imagine to play a guy in love or a father who takes care of his family.

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